You must be advised The Private FemDom House IS NOT A DUNGEON where slave fantasies are realized upon their request! WE ARE NOT BDSM/FETISH Club where Ladies are figurating as Mistresses and they are not really dominant! WE ARE A TRUE GYNO-SUPREMACIST group of Dominant Ladies living Female Domination lifestyle. The Private Femdom House is like a micro society with its own principles and rules! Ladies rule, Submales obey and devote.
 The word PRIVATE really means we are a private foundation. It's not an open door foundation! 
People wanting to join the foundation must be member. We are very strict and scrupulous on WHO wants to join the foundation. 

Of course, we offer services thanks a small team of well trained and experienced Mistresses and Disciplinarian ladies. Be informed the least you can ask is a half day training, as well as full week.

We will host Guest Mistresses who would love to provide their in person sessions in our facilities. They will enjoy a all inclusive accomodation and service and they could live in the pure Gynarchic 's feeling and spirit.   The Private Femdom House will welcome FEMDOM couples who wants to spend a week end or a full week in that spirit. 

Welcome in pure Female Dominance World, welcome in slavery !!! 

In Europe, we enter in some partnership with the infamous OWK and a new awesome project of house is in the focus. Slaves, sissies and submales must apply to become a part of that new project  
We strongly suggest each male creature to contact private femdom House foundation for 
 condition, application and fees. 
We will send you a complete package 
and application form 

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