Private Femdom House rules

The Private Femdom House Rules

 Membership Application & Agreement and Attendee Agreement

1.        To all those that apply for membership or submit this as an Attendee Agreement (as a non-member) these rules are edited and written upon the approval of the Private Femdom House, in order to keep good working ethics and an understanding of its events and services.
2.       The Private Femdom House was formed by Laurent Lebeau, of France, with all rights reserved and these rules applied to the expansion in Asia.
3.       Signature of this Agreement is required in order to keep respect for each other, for confidentiality, to access and preserve its success, its popularity, and its credibility.  This document is therefore issued to protect The Private Femdom House and all it’s members, associates, and all event attendees.
4.       The Private Femdom House reserves the right to update, revise, or enhance this agreement and all alterations will be sent by postal mail or to the provided confidential e-mail address provided within this agreement. These revisions shall then become a part of this agreement. Should you ever disagree with any changes made it is your responsibility to send a certified letter to The Private Femdom House stating your disagreement. If no notification is received in this manner your agreement to the alterations shall be applied.
5.       If any portion of this agreement is deemed unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, it shall not affect the enforceability of the other portions of the agreement.
6.       The Private Femdom House reserves the right to refuse any membership or attendee application, for any reason, with full return of membership or reservation fees to non-members. Administration fees associated with membership fees and submitted with this application for membership are non-refundable.
7.       In each activity and event managed by the Private Femdom House, it is important for each participant to live in a FULL GYNARCHIC mind where the Woman has control over males and females, in BDSM games during Our activities and events.
8.       In the gynarchic rules of The Private Femdom House, all persons considered as submissive should obey, submit, devote, and serve the Female Supremacy. As a gynarchic society no male dominates or ‘switches’ shall be allowed.
9.       All submissive persons have no privileges to use seating, chairs, or couches. All submissives shall take their place on the floor or standing as your Mistress allows. This privilege of furniture use is only reserved for the Female Supremacy. However, We may allow, at Our discretion, an exception for submissives who are handicapped or seriously ill.
10.   All submissives shall wear a collar with a ring, at all times while attending a Private Femdom House day, week trainings or event.
11.   All members and non-members declare to be consenting adults, of sound mind, and wish to engage in BDSM and fetish game exchanges. This is a reciprocal consenting for the person who dominates as well as for the dominated person.
12.   All members and non-members must provide proof of age as an adult by presenting a photo I.D. card to The Private Femdom House. Adult age is fixed to be at least twenty-one (21) years old. A copy of your I.D. card will be requested for with this application and it will be kept discreetly by Our service.
13.   A photo ID card or passport proving age and identity will be demanded to be shown at your arrival of Our training stays/events. We reserve the right to deny participation or entrance if no valid ID can be presented, if this is the case then the paid reservation for event attendance will be forfeited.
14.   Reservations for trainings, events, or socials are non-refundable.
15.   The Private Femdom House reserves the rights to refuse anyone entrance to any event or club for any reason. If someone is suspected to be under the influence, in any manner, or does not conform to the standards of the gynarchic principles they may be asked to leave the premises immediately or denied entry to an event or club regardless if club/event attendance has been paid, there shall be no refund.
16.   In attending any Private Femdom House’s training stays, event or club you hereby agree to not bring any illegal substance, hard alcohol, and weapons of any sort including knifes or guns upon the premises. The Private Femdom House and the Suprem Lady reserves the right to refuse entrance for any reason, without refund.
17.   All members and non-members must disclose their current health condition as this is a way to avoid health troubles during Our trainings, events and BDSM games and to assure everyone’s safety. Any transmittable illness/disease must be fully disclosed.
18.   A medical health statement  is hereby declared that you are disease free with no current or suspected medical conditions.  If you have any current medical conditions they shall be disclosed in full after the signature block of this Agreement. Should your health status change you have ten (10) days to inform Black Orchid in writing of the change. Failure to disclose will cause your membership and entrance to events to be cancelled.
19.   All people should respect the club and its ethics, rules and Our membership conditions as:
a)       A lifetime membership is given for FREE (excluding Administration Fees) to the Dominate Lady who will be accompanied at membership registration by at least one submale or subfemale.
b)       The said submale or subfemale who accompanies his or her Mistress will be registered as a member under the Number Code of his/her Mistress and should pay the membership fees of  US$50.00/year+administration fees.
c)       All members (excepted Suprem Lady, Mistresses and guest Mistresses ) shall pay an administration fee of US$10.00 with this application. All Administration fees are non-refundable.
d)       A Mistress member has complete authority, without discussion, to dismiss and replace one or several of Her slaves that are registered under Her Number Code. However any additions shall be considered new slaves and they shall pay the fore mentioned membership and administration fee.
e)       All members are free to leave the Private Femdom House and end their Black Orchid membership when desired however the membership and administration fees are not refundable for any reason. Sending a written notification that you wish to end your membership shall terminate membership.
f)        It will be considered as SUPREM LADY of The Private Femdom House, the Mistress is then able to introduce, represent, and promote the club as a foundation partner (see conditions on Partnership Agreement).
g)       A ‘single’ submale shall be defined as a sub who is not currently under a Private Femdom House Mistress but who wishes to join the foundation. If this be the case,  the single sub shall be registered under the Number Code of the Mistress of his/her choice but only upon agreement by said Suprem Lady.
h)       The Private Femdom House reserves the right to offer a Platinum Membership to a person (be they Mistress or slave) that is able to provide the foundation with a structure in which to hold events and activities, can offer generous support (by donating furniture, tools, and materials), or a donation of US$2,000.00 towards the betterment of the Private Femdom House Society. Furthermore; the Foundation will offer a Mistress or Guest Mistress a Platinum Membership to show its appreciation of all Her efforts to promote the cause.
20.   All people who seek The Private Femdom House membership and attendance do hereby state that they are not currently nor have they participated in illegal activities of any sort.
a)       Never been implied by the Justice Court for criminal act as homicide, infanticide, pedophilia act, zoophilia, drug or alcohol trafficking, proxenetism nor any other related illegal activity.
b)       Members and non-members should not be implied for domestic violence, violence on children, children or adult abuses.
c)       The member applying states they are not a prostitute and understand that prostitution is strictly prohibited.
d)       Any pedophile, zoophile and illicit practices publishing or editions should not be introduced in our club and during our activities.
e)       The Private Femdom House reserves the rights to immediately terminate a member for any illegal activities or such suspicion that it could harm the image of The Private Femdom House and/or the members.
21.   In applying you attest that you have never been nor plan to become a part of an such interest group, Mafia group, gang, terrorist, and other similar groups.
22.   It is strictly forbidden to wear Nazi symbols or similar and you must never adorn extremist and politic signs as respect for others.
23.   All persons who wish to participate at Our event and activities should be respectful of all others: for their physical and mental well-being, ethnic origin, their chosen religion and politics, names, their financial status, their lifestyle or fetish, sexual preferences, handicaps, and even desired clothing.  Any rude, disrespectful, dishonest, unsafe, antagonistic, or undesired behavior will result in the offending person being dismissed from the member groups and the membership card will be destroyed.
24.   In applying for membership you agree that you shall not attempt or cause any troubles or concerns for the Private Femdom House or any of it’s members.
25.   As a Private Femdom House member you agree to keep confidential the activities, members, and location of any event. You will never bring any recording device nor digital phones into any club or event. Only the Private Femdom House may use cameras but in the cinequanum condition of the written and signed right of publish  from the people who agree to be pictured. This may be done only in the objective to promote the club's activities with all image rights preserved.
26.   It is with your own personal fortitude that you shall promote the Private Femdom House in a favorable manner with complete safe and health practices being adhered to in all BDSM activities.
27.   It is strictly forbidden to all persons to conduct sexual act during Our activities, events and parties. Unless otherwise stated insertion of any sort, of any object, in any orifice is prohibited. In the Private Femdom House structure, bedrooms without BDSM decoration and furniture (following laws of several countries) are considered private and We will let your intimacies be respected!
28.   The Private Femdom House is not a swing club or a house of prostitution house.
29.   Allowing guest Pro-Dommes as active members, all Pro-Dommes hereby state that no transactions shall be in association with the Private Femdom House, its club, nor any of the events. However, The Private Femdom House is not eligible to require percentage on any Guest Mistress scheduled session. The only fees which will be requiered are the ones of the all inclusive accommodation services the foundation is providing
30.   Please respect non-smokers. You should smoke in specified areas, and depending on the country or state,  smoking inside the structure may be prohibited.
31.   The Private Femdom House demands that all members and non-members attending the club or an event or activity to adhere to the dress code inside our party's structure. However, We ask that you be sensibility of the general public and wear normal clothing when not inside the structure or designated play area.
32.   The club is not responsible for stolen, lost, or damaged items while within the structure, club, or neither during any events or activities nor in any space associated with an event or activity.
33.   The Private Femdom House supports the trusts based of a slave’s limits and can not be held responsible in any manner for a person/s not respecting said limits.
34.   In signing this Agreement you hereby release and hold harmless The Private Femdom House, it’s members and associates for any injury that may occur, physical, mental or otherwise.
35.   All transactions done by members or non-members while outside club's activity or during clubs activities are the sole responsibility of said person/s and as such The Private Femdom House can not be held liable in any manner.
36.   The team of the Private Femdom House will be diligent to be sure all membership and attendee rules are adhered to in order to avoid all kind of incident. As a member or non-member you agree to uphold these principles and rules.

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