vendredi 1 novembre 2013

   FINAL NOTICE FROM LA DOMAINE        ESEMAR - The Informal Château
            NOVEMBER 9th to 11th
The menu is starting to shape up. Here are a few of the final possibilities.
With the 1998 Dom Perignon: Deglet Dates, marinated in Sauterne, stuffed with fois gras and then wrapped in bacon and roasted until golden brown.

With the 1996 Dom Perignon: A delicate buckwheat blini, with a thin layer of a remarkable aioli and a generous spread of the world’s best smoked sturgeon.
With the 2000 Dom Perignon: The Emperor’s Chinese roast duck.
With the 1995 Dom Perignon: FABBIT!!!!!!!! Master R’s legendary creation: actually listed as a fetish here on
With the 2002 Dom Perignon: A Stuffed Tenderloin of Venison: most likely an apple herb stuffing designed to complement the flavor profile of Father Perignon.
With the 1999 Dom Perignon: A Sacher-Torte (Rolled Chocolate Cake with a ganache filling ) garnished with Ethel M Chocolates - made custom for our La Domaine anniversary dinner - and served with the best Dom Perignon dessert vintage of the decade.
THIS JUST IN: This morning, I asked my wine merchant, who is known throughout France, Spain and South America for his palette, what he thought of the food and Champagne pairings and if he would change anything. I just got his reply.
“Unbelievable menu & pairings. It would be like a plastic surgeon trying to improve on a gorgeous woman to try to tinker with your pairings. They look perfect to me. Enjoy every morsel & sip.”
Wishing you had booked early for the dinner? Well, this week we have had enough people changing plans that we were actually able to accommodate the waiting list and we can even take one more couple (or two individuals.) If you call us immediately, you might still get in. The Champagne tasting/dinner is $250 a person and that includes the evening party with our special Guest Mistress: THE BARONESS.
The Guest List just for the evening party with THE BARONESS is huge - so what the hell – we decided we should make it even larger. Let us know this week if you would like to come to an enormous party. $200 a couple, $500 an individual.

Our favorite New Zealand whip maker has sent us two more of the 12 plait, four foot Bull Whips that we cannot keep in stock. Miss Couple immediately bought one for herself so there is only one left. Last time, when we also ordered two, R bought one for his personal collection. That is how great these are.
We sell these four foot Bulls for $260. Peter also makes - custom designed for La Domaine – a 10 plait signal whip (single tail) and we received four of those. The signal whips are $225. We also have one four foot, 10 plait snake: $235. This is an particularly good snake whip, a stand out among all the other exceptionally good whips Peter sends us. (A snake whip is basically a signal whip with a fall and a cracker attached.)
Be warned: these whips sell extremely quickly; This may seem early, but if you want one or more for your holiday gift list, get in touch asap.
Long-time friend of La Domaine, Laurent Lebeau, travels the world doing stunning, colorful drawings of the Dominas he meets in his travels. For the next few months, we will be displaying a portfolio of his work that is available for purchase here at La Domaine. For a look at the black and red and decidedly twisted world of Laurent Lebeau, take a look at this:…

New to us and oh how we love them! They are fully washable vampire gloves. Some are soft and furry, others are black and lacy, but watch out, they all have the most perfect, unexpected, vampiric bite.
In about a month, you will be able to buy them when you visit La Domaine or order them through us. In the meantime, to learn more about why we love Love Bites, or if you just cannot wait to get your hand into a LoveBite, check out:
SHOULD WE ADD ONE MORE PARTY TO THE 2013 SEASON? we are currently soliciting opinions for a December 14 XXXmas party. If you would be interested, please drop us an email.

As we head into our 20th year, we want to thank the thousands of people who have contributed their remarkable energies, their keen insights, their heartfelt devotion and their hard labor, and made these twenty years all they have been. Each and every La Domaine Head Mistress, Mistress, Master, Guests Mistress and Guest Master, Mistress and Master in Training, house and personal slave, visitor and client have left their mark and have all done their part in making La Domaine THE best place on earth to come and explore BDSM.
You have all made this remarkable place what it is. Now - on to the next decade. Any requests?

mardi 2 avril 2013

Our USA Friends LA DOMAINE ESEMAR First BDSM Week-end next APRIL 6 to 7th 2013 - New York Upstate !!!


SPRING is BACK! LA DOMAINE ESEMAR events too! DON'T MISS the first Week End in the best Worlwide place my good and greatest Friends Master R and Mistress More! I really suggest that place as we could meet very involved guest and really interesting NEXT APRIL 6 & 7 , all info and RSVP

Lucky guests will discover Laurent Lebeau art!!! Please mention his name when you contact Master R or Mistress More! You will be nice