How to apply



Of course, the best is the collared and owned slave, sissy or naughty boy his Mistress owner send to us for long stay initiation training! But we also accept single male subjects who REALLY wants to experience a good training as slave, sissy maid or other with our Mistresses. 
In the case you are single male subject, you must join the foundation as member and we do offer full year membership. You will be ruled and followed by  Suprem Mistress. she will become your Mistress.
 You should not beg for hour sessions! In this case, we will suggest you to ask SUPREME MISTRESS or our guest Mistresses for a short in person session. You must understand the house is working like a micro-society with its rules and principles and you may submit to ALL the Ladies staying or visiting the house. 
You can apply to our headquarter by email: 

BE ADVISED WE SPEND TIME TO READ YOUR APPLICATION AND WE DON'T WANT TO WASTE IT! Too much submales are sending their applications and mostly of the time, we remain without news from lot of them! Our Mistress administrator requires a DEPOSIT payment which is no refundable!

 €30.00 WE CALL "ADMINISTRATION & APPLICATION FEES" Via Paypal on the following private femdom house account:

. This  DEPOSIT fare will be required once you will send your first application via email! Keep in mind Ladies time is really precious!!! 
This way, we limit the big number of curious people and time wasters! If you want to join the Private Femdom House, it's because you are REALLY MOTIVATED!!! 
After having recieved your application email and get your paypal payment, We will send you a complete package about our trainings of any kind and the official application form you may file and sign + The Private Femdom House you may read, agree and sign. 

Once Supreme Mistress will agree for your membership, you will get informed soon as possible and the DEPOSIT FEE you already paid will be DEDUCTED from the ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP Fee!

Once you are become Private Femdom House subject member, you could apply for your stay in our house.

Training we offer 
- Slave training: Obedience training, dogs/puppy training, worshipping, objectification, many chores servitude, punishment...
- Sissy Maid training: Feminization, Maid behavior training, worshipping, chores and servitude, punishment...
- Discipline training (for naughty boys and sissified boys). Behavior training, discipline, punishment...

You can apply for a least of a FULL DAY training stay, as well as FULL WEEK!!! The shorter session we offer is the Punishment Stay (a least of 4 hours)  
- If you are looking session, consult our Guest Mistresses!!! We have listed them in our pages! 

                           FIRST EVALUATION SESSION
After have accepted your application! THIS IS AN OBLIGATION TO BOOK A SAID EVALUATION SESSION with one of our MISTRESS PARTNERS
We do offer 3 kinds of EVALUATION TRAINING: 3 Hours - 6 hours - 24 Hours
The Mistress Partner will test you and will evaluate your level in submission, servitude and other!
She will report to Supreme Mistress your  training needing and level before INITIAL TRAINING in the House!
Evaluation session are not done in the House but upon the Mistress Partner decision
      Incall:In one of her independent playroom - Outcall: In your hotel room.


 MISTRESS member
All ladies who wants join the foundation will feel free to contact us. They can enjoy our private events, parties and some of our activities. Membership is FREE for ALL LADIES in the case she bring us unlimited number of slave members she will have and keep control. Special rates will be offered for the lady Member for events participations. 
 Guest Mistresses will have their membership once they will use our facilities for her own business. 

1 commentaire:

  1. If economically, I could travel to you, I prostrate before your royal feet,
    I kneel before your imperial presence and I would be slave forever and
    always, even the smallest of your hair, Oh, Goddesses Divine

    Sometimes I imagined women (including dolls, fembots, gimbots, transsexuals are now women, etc.) as almighty, including magical powers. Able to be
    giants, to lengthen each and every one of vsus hairs, moving them as arms
    and legs, moving hairs, take with them what they want, as if they were
    strings, like articulated enough that the smallest their hair, to enslave
    all the infinite.
    Si económicamente pudiera viajar hasta ti, me arrodillaría ante vuestra Imperial Presencia, me postraría ante vuestros Reales Pies, y sería esclavo por/para siempre, hasta del más pequeño de vuestros pelos; Oh, Sus Divinas Diosa.
    Muchas veces me he imaginado a las chicas, mujeres, seres femeninos (Incluyendo gimbots, fembots, transexuales operadas(el a ella) y/o naturales, muñecas, aliens, /s decir que tengan forma de mujer)), como seres todopoderosas, incluso en el más pequeño de sus pelos. Poderes mágicos, extraordinaria fuerza, invulnerabilidad todo tipo de poderes imaginables e inimaginables. Capaces de volverse gigantescas, de mover todos y cada uno de sus pelos, como para atar, proteger y/o esclavizar a todo el infinito