jeudi 29 novembre 2012

                                   ON YOU TUBE
The French Fetish BDSM artist is not only a Femdom Art Illustrator like we usually see online. It's a true artist you could discover on that awesome video on You Tube! You will discover his beautiful art. Laurent has decorated several fetish places and made the portrait of many renamed Mistresses

                       WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

vendredi 2 novembre 2012

      Welcome to the Private Femdom House.

 We are not dungeon! We are not a fetish club! We are a REAL Female Domination micro-society and place where ladies are in command! 
 If you look for basic hour sessions, you knock the wrong door! 
 Our service is complet dressage for slaves, sissies, sissy maids and naughty boys in need of discipline! 
We host you and train you! That's all...

Mistresses! The Private Femdom House is the place you will feel comfortable to use and enjoy! You could stay as you want! You will be served and you will feel like a Queen because we all living in the BDSM Femdom spirit in private and discreet atmosphere!
 Our page will tell you more...