dimanche 23 mars 2014

               CONDITIONS TO JOIN

We are totally invaded by emails and we have to make a huge selection for the slaves and Sissies who want to stay and live in the lifestyle!
Her Supreme Mistress will be VERY SELECTIVE!
In fact, a lot of those emails are wasting her time! When you apply, you must...
- TO BE POLITE when you email us! LOT OF PEOPLE START EMAILING US BY SAYING "HELLO, HI....". Be advised, short messages, messages from impolite people, time wasters, just curious, swish... WILL BE DENIED!
- You must present yourself, what experiences you got, what is the position you are looking for! and the most important: YOUR LENGH OF STAY in the House! DATE of your arrival....
 YOU MAY UNDERSTAND, Time of our Mistresses are precious! The PRIVATE FEMDOM HOUSE is obliged to start that ADMINISTRATION FEES for ANY APPLICATION!

A DEPOSIT of US €30 Payable via PAYPAL account :                 privatefemdomhouse@gmail.com

                                                  NO EXCEPTION!!!

That condition will ease us to selecting good and devoted subjects and put apart all those timewasters, curious and other kind of of people who have not to do nothing in our PRIVACY!!!!
NOTE that deposit will be deducted to your annual MEMBERSHIP FEE when you will be agreed to join Private Femdom House as SUBJECT MEMBER!

FOR SHORT SESSIONS (Maxi 4 hours), Private Femdom House will follow your request directly to
SUPREME MISTRESS who will be the SOLE and UNIQUE Mistress to take in person short session

                                  ALL  INQUIRIES:privatefemdomhouse@gmail.com